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DURGA ELECTRONICS (INDIA) is a pioneer in manufacturing of precision engineered plastic molded components used in Telecom, Power electronic and electrical (Lighting) industries.

We have attained specialization in manufacturing  of  coil formers (bobbins) and plastic molded  parts for lighting industry , electronic industries as well as for automotive sector  and our customer base is spread all over the globe. Our product range comprises standard and custom engineered plastic components required by our customers. We not only delivers the precision components but also adopt reasonable pricing to compete globally.

Established in 1973, Durga Electronics (India) has the proven cutting edge of design and manufacturing with the advanced engineering of thermo plastics components. We have technical capabilities to handle the supply chain management in the modern world of inventory management.

We are always happy to cater our customer requirements for short supplies or for the prototypes.

We have displayed here few components for paradigm like coil former (bobbins) and encapsulation cases and some cap and covers for CFL and customized molded products for your kind consideration. Our specialty and interest is inviting you to develop your components at reasonable price. CONTACT US
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